I loved reading the book “Teach like a PIRATE”. It reminded me of my college days. I had taken Language Arts in the summer because I didn’t think I could do anything else at the same time. I read 3 stories per class; I didn’t understand anything about the stories while I was reading them. I forced myself to read them 3 times each, I never understood what I was reading.   In class the professor would bring the stories alive through acting. It was amazing. He would pull the stories out of me, stuff that I didn’t know was even there. Now that is the art of teaching.

I shared with fellow teachers the title of the book and tips of what I thought they could add to their teaching. As for the class I liked reading their views and hearing what jumped out of the book at them. It help bring back different GREAT points that Burgess had made in the book.

This week has inspired me to step out and I’m going to bring in fish tickets, from the Silverbay Packing Company and have the students calculate how much money was made. I haven’t quite thought this through yet, but I’m thinking I will have a drawing and have the students pick a ticket and calculate out how much money they made for one day of fishing. So, I am really inspired to step out of my routine and try something that the students can relate to. Since, we are a fishing community.

As for my mentee, Alex, I told her about our twitter class and how Dave Burgess had said Hi through the posts of our class. We thought that was really cool. Alex had also mentioned that she hadn’t done twitter before, so I think she realized that this class can really help her too.

So my hope is that not just the students see an impact from the book and this class, but my peers will want to follow and change/add to their teaching style. My hope is to have teachers take the class themselves.


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