Reflection for Week 3

How different is your current classroom . . .

This week when we were on twitter it was amazing how much we dated ourselves through the conversation of the classroom we went to school in. It was amazing to see the contrast, because I am teaching in the school I graduated from. I remember how it lacked color. I walked through the building this week and it still lacks décor. We have fresh paint, but the some high school teachers don’t even put paper on the bulletin boards. So, I went to my principal and asked if I could decorate the bulletin boards in the hallways. I also put paper on bulletin boards in two classrooms (helping the teachers). I can help but think of the students that have to attend there all year.

As for my Mentee, she changed back to google docs over the weekend and figured out how it has its own version of WordPress in it. She has posted prompts and is up and running discussions. The students jumped right in and knew what was expected of them. This week I am going to have her show me how to use google docs discussion so we can do problem solving with it in my classroom. (idea from reading other blogs this week).

I can see how I really need to start catching up with my students in technology and help them to explore new territory in technology since we don’t know of the jobs we are preparing them for. I want to find the SCRATCH program. I found them, but I can’t get them up and running. My son read “Sam’s Story” and really wants to learn the programing; This made it a fantastic week, new technology for my classroom and new program for my son and I to play with.


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