Week 4 Reflection EDET 668

This week has really made an impact and changed my thinking about games. I have picked up great points from the book, articles and papers. I like the “breakup” in the middle of the class that Theresa uses to help the students be able to continue their focus when they go back to work. I do allow a break in the middle of class, but to have a quick game would really help with an adrenaline rush before going back to work.

This week papers by my peers offered games that I can try at home and be able to communicate at a different level with my students. My children, at home, play Minecraft and so I will start there and have them teach me. After I am familiar with Minecraft I would like to incorporate the Mincraftedu one in my classroom. At this point I don’t know enough to just jump into it. I watch the video that Winn shared about how it works, it seems friendly enough to use. I’m excited to try this. I have to prioritize my list of what I will do in my classroom.

My first classroom technology challenge I will do is to take what my Mentee has created in her class and use it in mine. This wouldn’t take much to do. I have Google Classroom up and running; I invited my students; my next step is to write in a problem-solving question to prompt the students to write and respond to each other. My second task is to launch Group Learning. I want to try what Sugata Mitra had done where the students can change groups, listen to other groups and through research discover what is needed to learn a concept presented to them. I can see how learning from the Internet would become easy for them. Why not? I do this all the time, so do my peers. I believe it is a great skill to have. My third task is to figure out MineCraftEdu. I want to be able to teach with this. I haven’t a clue how it works, but I’m sure I can fit it in.

This week has made me realize how I have missed playing with my children/students. I really need to get back to playing for them and learn about the challenges they are facing with the games. It will be a stretch for me to put time into games. I use to get lost in them and lose a chunk of time so I quit. I will make an effort to give time to games. I believe the more I get into and use technology the better prepared I can help my students to be in their future.


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