Week 6 Reflection

This week was a stretch for me.  I have trouble with prompting the students with direction of researching with their math concepts.  I feel like one of the teachers that refuse to venture out.  I have a few ideas of how to do this and I need to take the risk and try it.  I have several research topics and great examples for the students to follow.  I learned from other blogs that I need to teach and monitor students’ websites that they are using and question the purpose of it so we can decide if this is a site we want to use our research from.  This was a point that I hadn’t thought of .  Another blog suggested to offer websites to the students to help eliminate the issue of what website is okay to use.

I shared with others how puzzles and enrichment has been drawing in my reluctant students.  I have one student that comes in some days and refuses to work and problem solving always draws him in.  He can’t help it, he loves figuring them out.  I have shared Dan Meyer’s video and that was his suggestion to use puzzles to awaken what is already inside the students.  I have seen it work in my classroom and suggested it to others.


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