Week 8 Reflection EDET 668

It was quite exhilarating to facilitate the class on Twitter. I liked guiding the class through questions. Hearing everyone’s responses help me to really bring sense of what my moral purpose is. This week I had learned to sort out what I actually believed my moral purpose was; I had a pretty good sense of what drove me but this week helped identify it. As I had read through the different papers from my peers, I could see that we all generally are helping students walk through life’s journey with the hopes that we can inspire them to take on a challenge of life with skills and knowledge of surviving the changes that they will encounter.

I like the point that was brought up about favoritism. I have to work hard at chasing down the few students that I don’t know much about. The students are very good about opening up and sharing what is going on in their lives. I do respect their privacy and yet I will talk to them about the tough choices that they just made. I think all students should feel safe and all students should be recognized.

It is interesting to hear about the different ways we are mentoring. I am very curious about Kahoot and Dojo. I want to see what it is about and if I can use it or refer it to someone in our district.


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