EDET 668 Week 9 Reflection

This week was a perfect week of major changes. Our schedule changed to MAP testing for four days. We changed two classes to only 30 minutes instead of 51 minutes. A teacher who was talked into hire, quit, so I was short help in my classroom in two classes.

I had to roll with the changes and help the students adjust to the changes. With Halloween on the coming weekend they really didn’t want to work or learn anything this week. With less help in the classroom I had students who wanted to throw in the towel. I usually stop and stay with a student until they were comfortable with the new concept, but I had to continually change groups and help those in need of help. Students that finished help me teach those who were still struggling. As stressful as it was we made it through and I could see that I had two restless students, three struggling students, three very successful students and the rest were on/off with success with the concept. Thankfully, I will have help in my room again on Monday.

Cherie’s test has helps me see that I’m on the right track. I know I need to work at my people skills. I have been for the last few years, of course, I have room to grow. I like the recipe that Sunshine shared, it was a creative way of showing how much of each leadership type should be used.   I have also shared how we use leadership to teach. I know we are leaders and some better than others, but through studying and learning more about leadership and change we can all get better at it. I also used an analogy of the different styles as being a different hat that we have to wear. We have to read the situation and grab the hat to best fit the situation.   It has been a great learning/application week.


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