EDET 668 Week 10 Reflection

This week was an interesting essential question, “Explain and give examples to argue why the following statement is true or false: “Get the right people on your team, and get the wrong ones off.” I can see how it can be true or false. We can get people off our team for the wrong reasons or we can keep people for the wrong reasons. The most important point I thought about this question is that we can’t make this a hasty stance. As teachers we are contracted into our job for at least a year and as a leader we don’t choose our students. I went with the surviving stance of having to live with the wrong people on our team. Are they really the wrong people? Or do we need to just learn from the experience. Sometimes we don’t like people because they have a behavior that resembles something we don’t like about ourselves.

Many of the papers I read pointed out that the wrong people would be those who don’t fight for the same cause, which is a good deciding factor of whether they are right for the team or not. I like how Ali had decided that the statement could be either true or false. She also pointed out that many teachers choose to be professional and do the right thing regardless of the strength of the principal. I know I would and I have worked with colleagues that stated the same when we were going through principals. Cindy has a great point of diversity and the non-team players should find a more appropriate team. We should all be working for a moral purpose and this purpose should be close to the same.

As for twitter, I pointed out that there are those of us who will fight for our moral purpose regardless the principal strength or weakness. I know our staff of 70-100 in Hawaii stood for our moral purpose regardless to the turnover of four principals before settling on one of the teachers as principal. We kept having the principals change the rules and purpose. We decided to lay low and keep working hard regardless of the hardship they were creating. I believe if you want to stay employed you keep working hard regardless the changes. It was a tough two years that went quickly and our perseverance paid off. We had teachers with a poor attitude too, but it didn’t matter who came, that was their attitude and after five-six years the principal had one removed and the other moved on. Their attitude was ingrained; they had no intent on changing. I think it matters where the person is at in their head as to whether they will be moldable or not to a system they choose to be a part of.


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