EDET 668 Week 11 Reflection

As I reflect on this week I can see the direction of education and how this class is helping send us in the direction of Leadership and sharing knowledge with our peers. I can see how this will take time to make the change with some teachers are stuck in the competitive market. As we bring up the next generation more old school teachers will make the change. I had taken this week and looked at my life and how isolated our school is. The teachers that see us mentoring and sharing knowledge are envious and want to be apart of, yet other teachers don’t even care to hold a conversation. Our students will help make the change in teachers when they see how they benefit from sharing and it will be natural for them to take it into another class and request the competition be taken out of play. Students will also share with the teachers how the competition is taking away from their sharing. I have seen this in my previous school when our middle school emphasized rubrics and the students went to high school asking the teachers for one to follow while they did their assignments. I appreciate the students that point out where I need to make a change, with discretion.

I was reading Ali’s paper and I never considered administration attempting to force change by teaming teachers together, this would be quite the dilemma for both teachers. It was interesting to see the different dynamics that comes into play when people force others to change.


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