EDET 668 Wk 12 Reflection

I shared how we are leaders in the classroom and that we are creating change in our students that triggers resistance if it is overloaded. We need to be sensitive to the changes that we are requiring of them. As teachers, we are put under stress from administration, we place change on our students and with our peers. We need to stay open minded to their responses and allow them to bring their experience, emotions and concerns to the table. Through this change we can learn more about each other and grow together.


Twitter was interesting without reading the book.   I thought through our leadership skills and our studies up to this point. It made it easier to read other people’s posts and try to make sense of the questions. I did have trouble with some of the questions. I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way. I usually have the book read by Tuesday and have done some research by Thursday.


This was a tough week. I didn’t get to read the book until Friday. I couldn’t print, download or read it on e-library. I figured it was my Internet at home, but it wouldn’t work at school either. I tried to buy it on kindle and it wasn’t available, they did have the audio available, but I didn’t have a device that would work. (Both my kids were on school trips and took their kindles). It was just a tough week. Great Lesson though, even with the technology troubles.


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