Week 13 Reflection EDET 668

I reflect back on this week, I have shared the highlights of this semester. I shared how leadership is a large part of being a teacher. We have to help our students adapt to change. As we help our students through the change of their knowledge that forever changes them our students will learn to embrace changes. Teachers need to stay abreast of technology in order to prepare students for future jobs “that we don’t yet know about”.

Cindy made a great point of looking forward to what will come next. This is a great point to share with our students. They need to not become complacent and look forward to what is next. They need to understand that nothing stays the same and to look forward to the next one. Sunshine has her students play minecraft before and after research. This makes sense to me, because I take breaks during my assignments to help me focus and allow myself to think about the new information I just took in.

This was a great opportunity to review this semester’s highlights and to sum up our learning and how we are adapting our new information to our lives. Leadership skills are a necessity for the classroom. Our students need our relationships and a model of great leadership that they can learn from.


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