Week 4 Reflection

 I was amazed to see how many different assistive technology devices there are to help differentiate in our classrooms. Our twitter session this week help me realize how much technology is stepping into the classroom to assist students.
I missed the initial meeting to set up the Wikispace. I couldn’t find anyone email address to contact them and twitter wasn’t doing the job. I did talk with Natalie on Friday, and she said she gave my email address to be joined. After four days of trying to contact someone to connect me to the Wikispace, I resorted to creating my own to play with so I’d be familiar with the program.  By connecting with my peers through email I as able to get up and running.  
I was finally able to connect on Sunday. I like the Wikispace program, I can’t wait to share it at school. This is a great program for working in groups in the classroom. I haven’t figured out yet how to implement it in my classroom yet, but I can see other subjects using it.  I need time to figure out a way to make it work in math.

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