Week 5 Reflection EDET 637

As a group we continued to build our  wiki with this weeks blogs on different assistive technology devices. We all had to post two different devices. The two that I choose was BIG Keys and Go Talk 9+.   It has been very interesting research to learn about all the different devices that can help the students. I can see how technology has made huge impact on peoples lives. The Big Keys was nice to see for people who were struggling with control of their fingertips. The Go Talk 9+, I can see where preplanned conversations would have to be in place before they used it. The user of the Go Talk would need someone who could talk record what they would need to say at some point in the day. Some of the devices of Go Talk would hold up to 32 different sentences. In my research I was able to find a lot of free apps available. This can be valuable to anyone.  I am more aware of the assistance that technology can offer, but our school district doesn’t have any special needs students at the high school level that need assistance that the iPad apps haven’t already addressed.

I watch several Youtube videos to help me catch up with knowledge on assistive technology. One of the articles that I read, a parent had laughed at the suggestion of “ask the school district for help in finding assistive technology to help your child.”   This really hit hard since I wasn’t aware of the devices that are available. I do know that our SPED department has equipment and apps to serve students. I just need to do my part and know more about different assistive technology.


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