ED 637 Reflection Week 6

I am so inspired to try new technology in my classroom. I like all the different games and technology that everyone is talking about. I really like to check out “Classcraft” that Sara talked about. I will look into it tomorrow and see if it is something I could use or pass on to my peers. I am interested because she said her high school students are using it and the 9th graders like it. So I will try it on my 9th graders. After watching Amy’s children talk about minecraft I realize that I need to have my children connect me and teach me how to play with it. I love the fact we had to create videos and share them. This is a great entertaining way to share what we learned and know.

My son and I have been playing with Code.org.  He can’t get enough of it.  We have been looking for a programing game that would enhance his programing skills.  After a few days of this I brought it to one of my classes and tried it out on some eighth graders.  It was enticing to them also.  I then shared it with our STEM teacher and he said it was better than the program he was using and will start code.org in his classroom and let me know how the students like it.  The principal of the middle school loved the program also.  He also pushes STEM and Robotics at our district.

For my Ubd unit I’m going to do it after spring break. I believe we will be doing proportions by then. I want to take our jeopardy game and have them compete.   Our school has a mimeo game piece that offers button choices in its game. I will be working on setting this up in my classroom.   I’ll start with a pre-test and practice for the week and then take the post-test. I’m excited to try this out in my classroom. My students are great sports and hopefully will be successful. I’m looking forward to adding another dynamic to my classroom.


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