EDET 637 Week 7 Reflection

I love the idea of PBL. I struggle with the demanding standards. Since I teach math in the high school the PBL would have to be a unit with other teachers. I couldn’t see putting much time into a PBL and still reaching the topics I need to cover. I would like to see other PBL that teachers have created and see the result before attempting this challenge.

During this week I was really overwhelmed through the reading. I wasn’t sure I was going to grasp the full picture. Every article seem to open my eyes a little more to what and how PBL is used. As I read through the blogs I was still seeing new information and insight that I hadn’t came across. This is what makes me appreciate reading the blogs. I get to review what I have learned throughout the week and learn more through someone else’s research.

I really appreciate the videos that Sara posted. It helped me see a better break down of PBL. I watched a few videos but none like the one she posted. It had a definite break down that would help you focus and be more detailed at planning a PBL.

Twitter helped me see different strategies to use in the classroom.  I seem to forget to use organizers, exit notes, reflecting time and offer a time to talk-n-share.  I like hearing from other teachers what works in their classroom.

I did teach a STEM PBL in my class this quarter, I had the students build a structure to support a book.  The students loved the problem solving.  I really had trouble with the guiding, I know it will get better with time.  I can see taking time to add math games or STEM PBL to my class curriculum would enhance student appreciation for math. I would like to read up more on different lesson plans of other high school math teachers that have had success with it.  I would like to bring different elements of math into my classroom through games, STEM PBL and strategy solving based problems.  I am fortune enough to attend the STEM class that UAS is offering this summer.


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