Essential question: What are my challenges and successes in implementing my unit?

Week 11

I started my lesson late last week and we worked through this week. We will finish the middle of next week. We started with Pizzazz worksheet that provide the answer for immediate feedback. If the students can’t find their answer they know something went wrong somewhere. This made it hard to find errors made by the students. They would erase and fix their error before I could see what the error was. This isn’t a bad-thing it just made me work harder in trying to evaluate their work.

The students have been troopers. They show interest in the videos on how to do “order of operations” and “math hygiene”.   These videos were entertaining and repeat the concepts in a way that kept you focused. The students love the immediate feedback. It encouraged them to continue and finish their work. The students transitioned to the computer game as if on a mission. They seemed to like the variety of learning that was offered to them.

In the middle of the week I had one of the assignment done on their own without help from their peers or teacher. It was still a Pizzaz worksheet that had the answers on the paper that answered a pun joke. The students had almost perfect papers. I didn’t see much on the written language and this persuaded me to move to no answers on the papers. We had not covered exponents yet and I wanted to check on them before implementing the exponents into our “order”.

I had to change my worksheets to where the students didn’t have the answers and had to  complete the assignment and I would immediately grade it, evaluate the errors that were made. I would put a large C on the correct ones and use a marker to show the Order of Operation that needed to be done and wasn’t in the proper order. I would return the paper and give the student an opportunity to correct their error. This made it easier to catch errors, emphasize the purpose of the written language and see if they could read the language by fixing the error. I will continue to assess the errors to see if there is consistently the same error among the students or individual student. Let the fun begin. Data time.


Marcy, S., Marcy, J., (1996) Algebra Pizzazz. Wright GroupIMcGraw-Hill One Prudential Plaza


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