WEEK Ten Reflection

I think this was the scariest week for writing. This week was fun to read through the lessons that were written by my peers. It was very enlightening to see the different approaches to teaching/learning.

I really liked Sara’s idea of calculating the cost of material in her lesson (day 4). This I could use in my units that I create. I would change it a little and have them purchase a box, because the store doesn’t sell one at a time and see how much excess that companies have to purchase in order to build in Alaska. Just a different twist for a higher-level class.

The next lesson that I read through was Amy’s on fractions. I like how she implemented journaling through out the lesson. She did well on add a variety of opportunities for students to respond to the concept. She had them writing, talking and working through the concept. I thought she did well in keeping the student moving through a variety of ways of thinking and implementing their thoughts. Amy had connected her technology standards to her lesson, I didn’t remember to add this to mine.

I found Larissa’s lesson the ecosystems fascinating. I liked the variety of technology and opportunities that she offered for her students to grasp the concept. She also add in technology to her standards, I’ll have to add that to mine.

Twitter chats have been helpful by hearing how other people interpret what things mean. Life got the best of me this week and to top it off it was parent/teacher conference week. It was a great to read the lessons; it took some time due to the variety types of lessons written and trying to analyze the lesson (and sharing with my peers). Therefore, I spaced the reflection blog this week.   I was confused with the writing with the unit and the reflection.


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