Reflection Week 11

On day four of my lesson I had to add a scaffolding strategy of grading the students papers for immediate feedback. This was a little stressful, but I learned a lot more of their struggles and how to help them. (My struggle this week was being homesick with a headache.) I couldn’t be there for the lesson and implemented my grading their papers when I returned. It helped me to catch up with where the students were at in their progress of Order of Operations. This scaffolding helped me to see where each student was at and gave me a moment with each student for individualized instruction. I also received feedback from the students. They appreciated the individual feedback that emphasized the language and required the students to read their answer, see where they went wrong (marked in color by me) and they could continue the problem to the end. This worked great with most students. I had one student refuse to correct some of the problems that they needed to fix. I know to watch for this from her and we will sit and walk through the problems on our next round. Overall, or the majority of the class the extra scaffolding worked wonders for both the students and I.

The twitter session always awaken our focus of the week. This makes writing easier when the twitter session breaks down points and I get to hear what others are experiencing. I do struggle with the limitation of characters that we get to write with, so I spend too much time trying to limit my words to get my point across.

I suggested to Sara that a pre-test might have caught the lack of knowledge on the students’ part.   I suggested videos from Math Antics to Amy. I think Amy is doing a great job and I just shared a strategy that works well for me. I loved Larissa’s honesty in recognizing that her students needed to know ahead of time what to focus on.


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