Week 12 Reflection

The students seem so mature this time of year and they walk in and are ready to deal with whatever task is put before them. I know they don’t always understand and need more help then they ask so I have to pry my way in. Overall they are doing well for pre-algebra. The are touching just enough algebra to make next year easier.

My linchpin for my unit was students’ writing in the mathematical language. They seem to have embraced the idea and used it for their benefit. I had two students that continued to struggle with writing and it would mess up their work. I had another student that does well at “Order of operations” and yet does a careless version of the language. They don’t carry everything to the next line and yet remembers what was left behind and comes to the right answer. Yet, I had two students that I was very concerned about in the beginning of the unit and they have conquered writing in the mathematical language with minimal error. I believe the “Math Hygiene” video made a huge impact in their thinking and it cleaned up their mathematical thinking. It made it easier to read the next step in the problem and they were almost flawless.

Twitter was interesting. I like leading with the questions.  It requires me to focus early on the essential questions.  With three of us asking questions made it a little bit challenging to come up with unique questions.

Sara, too, is having trouble with attendance. It seems that it is always a hold up on education. I see the purpose of extracurricular activities, but education sure pays a toll for the events. I’m amazed at the journaling that Amy does. My journaling is a little different. I wrote on the students worksheet and stapled their work together so I can see individual progress.


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